The last 4 months

This should give you an idea of the pace of development. I.e. slow - but give me a break: I do have a job after all! :-)

  • 6th Dec: Added the quick add mechanism
  • 30th Nov: Setup about pages and added info on sharing to Twitter and Facebook
  • 12th Nov: Bug fixes and homepage rewrite
  • 12th Oct: Amended view URL to use user name not id.
  • 5th Oct: Added an RSS feed for event views
  • 29th Sept: Added event description. Can now search by partial terms.
  • 22nd Sept: Users now able to create custom events
  • 20th Sept: URLs converted to be human readable
  • 14th Sept: A nice front end design
  • 10th Sept: Rate events once they’ve happened
  • 10th Sept: Link to more information about events

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